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Businesses with 20 or more office locations have unique subscription management needs.

That's why we created EBSCO Mags Solutions.

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Charging Station Offer



Free Charging Station Offer

We're partnering with EBSCO Professional Partnership Group
to offer free charging stations to qualified customers.

EBSCO Mags, your easy magazine subscription service, is pleased to announce a partnership with our sister company, EBSCO Professional Partnership Group (EPPG). EPPG provides waiting areas with stand-up phone charging stations, absolutely free of charge.

EPPG provides courtesy charging stations by working with local businesses, many of which are involved in community service, that sponsor the station at no-cost to you.

Free charging stations are granted based on several factors, including the number of weekly visitors your business has and whether or not there are local sponsors for the charging station in your area. Other conditions could apply.

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To see if your business would be a good candidate
for a free charging station, just fill out the form below.


  • Locations with less than 250 weekly visitors don't typically qualify.

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