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Real Simple

Between work, home, and all of the other commitments in our daily lives, it can be overwhelming to try and stay on top of all the details. Real Simple is a source of smart, realistic solutions to everyday challenges. Each issue contains helpful tips and advice for how to tackle the challenges involved in entertaining, organizing, managing your finances, working, connecting with friends, and making time for yourself. Readers will value articles about reducing stress, simple hair and makeup techniques, the latest style trends, and trustworthy reviews of consumer products. No matter what area of their life needs to be simplified, Real Simple is there to help. Help your customers simplify their lives with a waiting room subscription to Real Simple. The magazine's helpful, practical articles will reduce their stress and our always low price will reduce yours.

Term: 1 Year

Number of Issues: 12

If you are not 100% Satisfied with your magazine subscription, you will receive a 100% refund for all undelivered issues.

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