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Businesses with 20 or more office locations have unique subscription management needs.

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Craft & Hobbies Magazines

Craft and hobby magazines cover nearly every pastime and are perfect for waiting rooms, lobbies, and reception areas. EBSCO Mags offers great pricing on magazine titles like Fine Woodworking, Martha Stewart Living, Threads, Acoustic Guitar, and other craft and hobby magazines. The savings are substantial and EBSCO Mags makes the service experience easy.


For other related magazine titles, browse the Home & Garden Magazines and Lifestyle Magazines sections.

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Outdoor Photographer

Your Price: $15.97 $65.89

You Save 76%

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Your Price: $19.95 $66.00

You Save 70%

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Your Price: $32.95 $41.94

You Save 21%

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Popular Woodworking

Your Price: $21.97 $41.93

You Save 48%

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Acoustic Guitar

Your Price: $40.00 $71.88

You Save 44%

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Wood Magazine

Your Price: $29.99

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