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Businesses with 20 or more office locations have unique subscription management needs.

That's why we created EBSCO Mags Solutions.

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Pediatrician Offices

Give your patients the best children’s magazines in your pediatric office. EBSCO Mags offers great prices on popular kids’ magazines, and our service includes an easy ordering experience, with invoices, billing, and renewals consolidated to one account. Choose individual magazines if you have specific titles in mind, or select a subscription bundle created to meet the interests of your patients and their loved ones. EBSCO Mags is the easy solution to entertaining children in your waiting room.

Pediatrician Offices

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Jobsite Juniors

Your Price: $19.95

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Woman's Day

Your Price: $10.00 $35.88

You Save 72%

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Country Living

Your Price: $10.00 $45.00

You Save 78%

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Your Price: $35.00

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Your Price: $19.50 $64.87

You Save 70%

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The New Yorker

Your Price: $99.99 $281.53

You Save 64%

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Southern Living

Your Price: $19.95 $64.87

You Save 69%

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Reader's Digest

Your Price: $10.00 $47.88

You Save 79%

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Real Simple

Your Price: $23.88 $59.88

You Save 60%

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Us Weekly

Your Price: $67.08 $260.00

You Save 74%

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Pediatrician Office Bundle

Stock your waiting room with the magazines proven to be the favorites with pediatric offices nationwide. Our customized Pediatrician’s Bundle includes best sellers your patients will always want to reach for.

Your Price: $126.92 $405.13

You Save 69%

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