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Businesses with 20 or more office locations have unique subscription management needs.

That's why we created EBSCO Mags Solutions.

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Optometrist's Offices

Ninety-seven percent of patients are frustrated by wait times. Make your waiting room experience the exception. Create a welcoming experience by offering the top magazines in your reception area. EBSCO Mags makes it affordable with negotiated discounts on magazine subscription prices. And we make it easy with one invoice and one bill. We’ll even consolidate your existing subscriptions. You can select a subscription bundle of popular magazines chosen with your optometry office in mind, or choose from hundreds of individual titles. Either way, you’ll save time and money while making your patients happy.

Optometrist's Offices

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Your Price: $61.00 $211.47

You Save 71%

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Consumer Reports

Your Price: $30.00 $64.87

You Save 54%

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Sports Illustrated

Your Price: $39.00 $279.44

You Save 86%

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TIME Magazine

Your Price: $29.95 $259.48

You Save 88%

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Good Housekeeping

Your Price: $8.00 $41.88

You Save 81%

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Southern Living

Your Price: $19.95 $64.87

You Save 69%

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Family Circle

Your Price: $15.00 $29.85

You Save 50%

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Entertainment Weekly

Your Price: $25.00 $229.54

You Save 89%

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National Geographic

Your Price: $39.00 $71.88

You Save 46%

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Your Price: $14.95 $59.88

You Save 75%

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Optometrist Bundle

From news and lifestyle magazines to the best in entertainment, this magazine subscription package offers instant patient care for your optometrist’s office. One convenient bundle. One low price!

Your Price: $145.88 $649.58

You Save 78%

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