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Businesses with 20 or more office locations have unique subscription management needs.

That's why we created EBSCO Mags Solutions.

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Health Clubs & Gyms

A good magazine goes perfectly with working out. EBSCO Mags has great prices on the top magazines your members want to read. We also make ordering easy, with invoices, billing, renewals, and even existing subscriptions, consolidated in one account. And to make ordering even easier, we’ve created magazine bundles featuring the most popular magazines titles for your gym—one simple order gets you all of them. But even if you order titles individually, EBSCO Mags is still the affordable and easy way to add subscriptions to your workout routine.

Health Clubs & Gyms

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Architectural Digest

Your Price: $29.95 $71.88

You Save 58%

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Entertainment Weekly

Your Price: $25.00 $229.54

You Save 89%

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Your Price: $19.50 $64.87

You Save 70%

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Highlights for Children

Your Price: $39.99 $59.40

You Save 33%

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Family Circle

Your Price: $15.00 $29.85

You Save 50%

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Good Housekeeping

Your Price: $8.00 $41.88

You Save 81%

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National Geographic

Your Price: $39.00 $71.88

You Save 46%

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The Economist

Your Price: $152.00 $356.49

You Save 57%

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Items 21 to 28 of 28 total

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Health Club and Gym Bundle

Offer your health club members the magazines proven to be favorites among gym-goers nationwide. Our custom-made bundle includes our best sellers your health club members will appreciate.

Your Price: $164.91 $864.27

You Save 81%

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