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Businesses with 20 or more office locations have unique subscription management needs.

That's why we created EBSCO Mags Solutions.

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Chiropractic & Massage Therapy Centers

Improve your patients’ experience by adding popular magazines to your chiropractic office or massage therapy center. EBSCO Mags offers low prices on the titles your patients want to read. We also make ordering easy, with invoices, billing, renewals, and even existing subscriptions, consolidated in one account. You can choose from hundreds of titles. Or select a magazine bundle featuring top magazines created with your patients’ interests in mind. Ordering from EBSCO Mags is an easy way to keep your patients happy and build customer loyalty.

Chiropractic & Massage Therapy Centers

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Your Price: $61.00 $211.47

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Sports Illustrated

Your Price: $39.00 $279.44

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Good Housekeeping

Your Price: $8.00 $41.88

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TIME Magazine

Your Price: $29.95 $259.48

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Field & Stream

Your Price: $11.97 $47.88

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Motor Trend

Your Price: $10.00 $59.88

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Southern Living

Your Price: $19.95 $64.87

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Real Simple

Your Price: $23.88 $59.88

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Golf Digest

Your Price: $12.00 $47.88

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Your Price: $15.97 $45.00

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Chiropractor and Massage Therapy Bundle

Your patients seek a stress-free, relaxing environment when visiting your massage therapy center or chiropractic office; give it to them with this perfectly tailored magazine subscription package. One convenient bundle. One low price!

Your Price: $151.95 $834.18

You Save 82%

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