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Businesses with 20 or more office locations have unique subscription management needs.

That's why we created EBSCO Mags Solutions.

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Introducing Evergreen

Automatic, paperless renewals. Exclusive offers. Absolutely free, opt out anytime.

We’re introducing Evergreen accounts as our way to make managing your magazine subscriptions even easier through automatic renewals, and to say thank you for your loyalty by giving you exclusive rewards and benefits not available to regular account holders.

As an added bonus, when you switch to Evergreen, we'll send you a coupon code for 10% off your next purchase. Plus, we'll also make a donation to the National Forest Foundation to plant a tree on your behalf. To date, Evergreen users have helped plant over 1,600 trees in the United States. 

Switch now and get 10% off your next purchase!

Evergreen FAQ

How do I switch to Evergreen?
It's easy! Just login and visit your preferences page in the account section, then turn the Evergreen switch ON.
How will the automatic renewal feature work?
Automatic renewal means no more worrying about renewal notices and ensures there's no service interruption for your waiting room magazines.

Switching to Evergreen will set your entire account to automatic renewal, which will apply to all subscriptions on your account. Near the end of your current subscription term, we will send an email to notify you that we’re about to process your subscription renewals for the next term, giving you time to make any desired changes to your magazine selection or billing details. If you're already in renewal, the date your renewals process will be on your Evergreen Opt-In email. 

This email will contain an itemized list of your subscription(s) and the amount you will be billed. We’ll then process your renewal at the appropriate time and send you both confirmation email and a mailed statement for your records. For your convenience, you can always view these the invoices and recent orders page.
Can I make changes to my subscriptions once I switch my account to Evergreen?
Of course - you can purchase new magazine subscriptions at any time! Any new magazine purchased will be automatically renewed along with your existing magazine subscriptions. Additionally, at any time you can make changes to your delivery address(es) or billing details, cancel a subscription, or choose to let a subscription expire at the end of the current term. You can do all of this in your account management section.
How will my automatic renewal be billed?
By default, your automatic renewal will be billed to the credit card already on your account. If you do not have a credit card on your account, you will be given the option to add one when making the switch to Evergreen. You can always add a new credit card or edit an existing credit card by visiting the saved credit cards section of your account. After your automatic renewal payment is processed, you'll receive a paper statement in the mail.

If you choose "bill me later" or if we are unable to process the payment on your selected credit card, we'll still process your renewal as we normally do and send an invoice in the mail and to your email address.
What else do I get with an Evergreen account?
For starters, we’ll send you a 10% off coupon that you can use on your next purchase. This coupon will be included in the confirmation email we send to you when you make the switch to Evergreen.

Evergreen is also, well, green! When you make the switch to Evergreen, we’ll also make your account paperless – which means no more mailed renewal notices. Additionally, we’ll also make a donation to the National Forest Foundation to plant a tree on your behalf. Learn more here.

We’ll also have special deals and discounts throughout the year exclusive to Evergreen account holders. That means more savings for you!
What about emailed renewal notices?
You’ll also stop receiving emailed renewal notices and instead receive an email notification about 30 days in advance of an upcoming automatic renewal.
Does it cost anything extra?
Not a cent - Evergreen is a free upgrade for your account.
Can I opt out of Evergreen?
Yes, just visit the preferences page of your account and turn the switch OFF at any time.

Make the Switch to Evergreen Today

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