Nothing’s worse to a child than waiting. Their natural impulse for discovery and learning often results in restlessness and boredom in places, such as the doctor’s office, that are designed for adults. Fortunately, kids’ magazines (available through EBSCO Mags) keep children entertained with stories, puzzles, and activities that spark their curiosity and satisfy their need to understand the world around them. Find the perfect discounted subscriptions for your pediatrician’s, orthodontist’s, or dentist’s office with our guide to the most popular children’s magazines for boys and girls of every age.

Educational Entertainment for All Ages

Highlights for Children

Hours of stimulating activities fill the pages of Highlights for Children magazine. From quizzes, jokes, and riddles to non-fiction stories about favorite animals, this unique publication hones critical-thinking skills and creativity through fun, interactive articles. Plus, kids can submit their own artwork and writing to the magazine for showcase in upcoming issues. Intended for children ages 6-12, Highlights also publishes the colorful storybook-style Highlights Hello for newborns and toddlers ages 0-2, and Highlights High Five (ages 2-6), an age-appropriate edition full of read-along stories and problem-solving puzzles.

Jack and Jill

Inspire ingenuity and promote learning with Jack and Jill magazine. Designed for children ages 6-12, this well-regarded kids’ magazine covers a myriad of topics. The latest issue includes an art-infused biography of Claude Monet, an adorable article on presidential pooches, colorful craft ideas for the Fourth of July, and much more. Jack and Jill’s commitment to healthy living contributes to the magazine’s appeal, with fun challenges to get kids moving and nutritious recipes suited to children’s tastes.

Stimulating Outdoor and Sports Stories

Boy’s Life

What’s the best way to treat chigger bites or repair a torn sleeping bag? Boy’s Life has the answers. Published by the Boys Scouts of America, this outdoor-centric magazine appeals to adventure-seeking boys with informative articles on a range of nature, sports, history, and science-related topics. From poisonous plant and animal track identification to pinewood derby and Eagle Scout project ideas, Boy’s Life encourages young men to become well-rounded, service-oriented citizens.

Ranger Rick

Explore the Serengeti’s diverse ecosystem, discover deep-sea creatures, and deepen their knowledge of the animal kingdom with Ranger Rick magazine. A publication of the National Wildlife Federation, this expert-written, ad-free learner and its precursor, Ranger Rick Jr., engage kids’ natural interest in wildlife with fascinating facts and thought-provoking quizzes, puzzles, and riddles. Winners of the 2015 Parents’ Choice Award, these fun-filled magazines are designed to prepare children for science and reading-based courses.

Sports Illustrated Kids

Young athletes savor the pro tips, game insights, and gear reviews inside every issue of Sports Illustrated for Kids. From the MLB and NBA to college football, world soccer, and the NFL, this magazine is jam-packed with thrilling articles for fledgling sports enthusiasts. Character-building features focus on teamwork, goal setting, and perseverance—traits that translate to life beyond the court or football field. Perfect for reluctant readers, Sports Illustrated for Kids reframes reading as recreation.

Girl-Empowering Publications

American Girl

Created for girls ages 8 and up, American Girl magazine is a refreshing alternative to teen magazines. With the mission of affirming self-esteem and fostering creativity in young girls, this publication offers sage advice on growing up and inspiring real-life stories of girls who’ve accomplished remarkable things. Get craft tutorials, party ideas, quizzes, and award-winning fiction and non-fiction articles inside every issue of this premier preteen magazine.