“Going green” is rapidly transitioning from the wave of the future to a mainstream practice for businesses and individuals alike. From fuel-efficient vehicles to energy-efficient products, leading personal finance and business magazines (available through EBSCO Mags) highlight the cost-saving benefits of sustainable living. With the increased popularity of organic and earth-conscious choices, this profitable new market is driving significant sales for eco-friendly businesses and entrepreneurs. Discover simple ways your business can conserve energy and save money with recent articles from the top financial and business magazines.


How did Jessica Alba go from Golden Globe-winning actress to successful businesswoman? Forbes interviewed the silver screen beauty to uncover how she built a $1 billion company, and $200 million fortune, based on sustainable practices. Recognizing the demand for “green” alternatives to chemical-based consumer products, Alba sought a solution for concerned parents. By using natural eco-friendly products, the Honest Company provides parents with peace of mind on purchases ranging from diapers to baby food for their children.

Money Magazine

Looking to save money this winter on those dreaded energy bills? Start preparing now. This month’s issue of Money magazine shows you ways to slash your power bill by 20 percent using simple behavioral changes and energy-efficient products. With the rising cost of electricity, we could all use a little help when it comes to making those energy bills a little lighter, and Money magazine provides some clever tips.

Bloomberg Businessweek

Bloomberg Businessweek overs the energy debt crisis as U.S. companies consider investing in the oil and gas industry. Advances in fracking technology and increased shale production seem encouraging to some companies that feel U.S. energy will outperform the market as energy prices gradually recover. But the Energy Information Administration (EIA) maintains a more cautious outlook, speculating that U.S. energy production will peak at its current high and trail off into early 2016.

Kiplinger’s Personal Finance

Did you know that the government will pay you to go green? According to Kiplinger’s Personal Finance article, Uncle Sam offers incentives on gas and electric utilities, amounting to a 30 percent tax credit. Many power companies also offer customers thousands in rebates to reward energy conservation efforts. Read the recent Kiplinger’s article here to find out if you qualify.