It appears that New York magazine has the skinny on why both Cat Fancy and Dog Fancy changed their name recently. Now instead to Cat Fancy, you should look for Catster. And Dog Fancy is now Dogster. According to New York magazine, both magazines actually were cancelled or actually dissolving the old print title and instead of going digital introducing a completely new print version of each. This is so odd as the Internet is flooded with funny pet pictures all the time. With so much cat and dog viral stuff on the Internet, how could a magazine like this have gone under?

Two words...Culture Shift.

Cat Fancy had trouble shifting from a show and breeders mentality to just taking joy in the craziness of our pets and how they affect our lives. Judging by how viral pics and videos of cats/dogs doing crazy thing fly around Facebook it’s probably safe to say that this is what people want now. The majority of us have our pets to make us smile not so much just for show anymore. But why Dogster and Catster? I’m guessing this is just playing off the word "hipster?" Seems silly, but it appears the new magazine did adapt to the Internet culture shift on pets. Judging by the content I’ve seen lately, it definitely is a lot more fun. I feel it has changed for the better, although the number of issues has been altered.

Both magazines are now bi-monthly. So if you never considered Cat Fancy or Dog Fancy in the past, but you love pets, maybe it’s about that time to give the "new kids" on the block a try. Subscribe to Catster and Dogster today.