People Magazine is the most popular weekly magazine in America, and perhaps the world. The magazine covers the lives, and gossip, of everyone from celebrities to the president with dignity and respect - in most cases. Beauty Tips Hub published an article about People and talked some about the magazine and the reasons for its huge success.

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People Magazine got its start in 1974 by two men with a vision. The first issue featured none other than Mia Farrow, a major star of that decade. Later other celebrities were featured, some of them more than once. The magazine became so popular that eventually they started printing a Spanish version as well. The appeal of the magazine is easy to see as Americans, and the rest of the world as well, love to keep up with the lives of the celebrities who entertain them.

As the magazine's popularity grew and society evolved, the magazine moved into selling magazine subscriptions and eventually move online as well. The magazine still has print issues of course, but you can still go to their website where they have many of the same articles as the print magazine. Its online presence reaches people of all ages and features articles, games, and fashion as well. The magazine has been around for a long time now and shows no indication that it will be closing its doors anytime soon.