People magazine's 40th anniversary celebrated Mia Farrow, who graced People's very first cover, by featuring Taylor Swift doing an homage to Farrow's iconic cover.

People Magazine is an incredibly popular magazine, to say the least. With each weekly issue, People covers the lives of everyone from celebrities to the President with dignity and respect. Ever since their first magazine featuring Mia Farrow's role in 'Gatsby', People has had its finger on the pulse of pop culture in America.

Each issue of People includes recurring features, like "Passages" that keeps readers up to date on the latest Celeb babies, weddings, crimes, and deaths, or the new "Ch@tter" section that features recent social media posts and quotes from celebrities in the past week or so. People also puts out annual special issues, like Oscar StyleBest and Worst Dressed, and the famous Sexiest Man Alive issue.

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People magazine got its start back in 1974, when Time Inc's chief executive officer Andrew Heiskell commissioned the publication of a celebrity magazine that focused on the true, personal lives of celebrities. The appeal of the magazine is easy to see as Americans, and the rest of the world as well, love to keep up with the lives of the celebrities who entertain them.

One thing that has continued to differentiate People magazine from its competitors is its refusal to publish unsubstantiated rumors. Instead, each editorial chooses to focus on the personality behind the "celebrity veneer", allowing each celebrity interviewed the opportunity to present themselves in the way they choose. People's first managing editor, Richard Stolley, put it best when he characterized the magazine as "Getting back to the people who are causing the news and who are caught up in it, or deserve to be in it. Our focus is on people, not issues."

As the magazine's popularity grew and society evolved, the magazine moved into selling magazine subscriptions and eventually move online as well. The magazine still has print issues of course, but you can still go to their website where they have many of the same articles as the print magazine. Its online presence reaches people of all ages and features articles, games, and fashion as well.

People has been around for a long time, and is likely to be around as long as American readers remain obsessed with celebrity culture and the human stories that People tells in every single issue.