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A Brief History of TIME Magazine


A quick dip into the storied history of one of America's most popular publications, TIME Magazine. And don't let the title fool you - we won't be diving into metaphysics. We'll leave that to the late, great Stephen Hawking. Read More

Doctors' Waiting Rooms: By the Numbers


One of the largest factors that goes into a patient’s opinion of your office is the actual wait time. That is why it is so important to ensure that your guests are comfortable and given the expected amenities while they wait. Read More

Catalog Update | October 2018


Get the latest updates on the EBSCO Mags catalog for October 2018. Read More

PracticeBuilders | Your “Good” Waiting Area May Not Be “Good Enough”


Is your waiting room just a place with chairs, or is it an efficient tool for retaining your patients? PracticeBuilders dives into what it means to have a waiting room that puts the people in your waiting room first. Read More

Our 4 Best Magazines for Food & Travel Lovers


Preparing for your summer vacation? Let your taste buds guide your travels with foodie favorites from around the globe. Discover the best barbecue joints, food festivals, and exotic dishes with outdoor and travel magazines available from EBSCO Mags. Whether you’re going out of town or out of the country, pick the perfect destination this summer with the following food tourism advice from leading travel magazines. Read More

The Ultimate Summer Reading List


As the weather warms up, your customers will start thinking about their summer plans. Whether they’re planning a trip, trying to get back in shape, starting a garden, or updating their look, help inspire and inform them by keeping these best-selling magazines in your waiting room.  Read More

Creating a Kid-Friendly Waiting Room


Whether your business serves young clients, or they’re tagging along with mom or dad, it’s safe to assume you’ll be seeing more children in your waiting room while school is out this summer. In anticipation, use these simple tips to ensure you provide a great waiting room experience for your youngest visitors.  Read More

3 Reasons Millenials Prefer Print Media


Millenials are complex and famously hard-to-define generation. One could easily assume with the advent of the internet in their lifetime, that these 22-38 year olds prefer digital media like phones and television. We've explored the research, and were surprised at what we found about millenial media preferences. Read More

How does your office's wait time stack up?


Do you ever wonder how your doctors’ office wait time stacks up to other practices in your area? If so, today’s your lucky day. Vitals, a website that specializes in doctor reviews, has released their sixth study on wait times across America. Read More

5 Ways to Put Customers at Ease in Your Reception Area


Sitting in a room full of strangers can be unnerving. If you’ve ever been in a reception room full of clients waiting for appointments, you know the feeling becomes contagious. So how can your business put guests at ease, and offer excellent customer service? Make your waiting room an accommodating space for every visitor with our tips for businesses of every type. If your space is set up appropriately, a short wait may be a welcome stop before a service begins. Read More

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