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5 Ways to Put Customers at Ease in Your Reception Area


Sitting in a room full of strangers can be unnerving. If you’ve ever been in a reception room full of clients waiting for appointments, you know the feeling becomes contagious. So how can your business put guests at ease, and offer excellent customer service? Make your waiting room an accommodating space for every visitor with our tips for businesses of every type. If your space is set up appropriately, a short wait may be a welcome stop before a service begins. Read More

4 Secrets for Retaining Salon Clients


As a hairstylist, nail technician, or barber, you understand the importance of good customer service. It’s the backbone of your business, and the reason why salon clients either stick with you for years or abandon your shop without warning. Luckily, it’s easy to differentiate your beauty, hair, or nail salon from the rest, and offer a salon experience your clients feel is worth far more than the money spent. Follow our 4 secrets for making clients feel special, and you’ll build customer loyalty that lasts a lifetime. Read More

4 Common Waiting Room Mistakes


Other than your website, the first impression of your business is probably going to be your waiting area. A guest will develop certain opinions of your establishment as soon as they step through the door’s threshold. With that in mind, let’s look at some of the most common mistakes we’ve seen in waiting rooms. Read More

5 Tips for Managing Customer Feedback


One of the best sources of ideas for improvement is your customers. They see another side of your establishment, so it makes sense that they can offer a different perspective on your services and amenities. In addition, it is more cost effective than hiring a consultant. Below are five different tips getting started with managing customer feedback. Read More

Net Promoter Score: The Metric Your Waiting Room Deserves


It goes without saying that a happy customer is more likely to revisit your business than an unhappy one. Of course, there are many different variables that go into a visitor’s assessment of your business, ranging from their waiting room experience to the actual quality of service provided. And, with all of the different factors to consider, measuring customer satisfaction can oftentimes be quite the hassle. One simple yet informative metric that helps facilitate this process is the Net Promoter Score (NPS). Read More

Decrease Perceived Wait by Appealing to the 5 Senses


Our five senses – sight, touch, sound, smell, and taste – tell us how we should feel about our surroundings. Should we feel anxious? Or relaxed? Are we safe? Or is danger lurking around the corner? How does your waiting room affect your patrons’ five senses? Follow our guide below to find out. Read More

4 Tips for Managing Your Doctors' Office Wait Time


Today, with everyone seemingly always on the move, waiting for several minutes can be quite the inconvenience. Especially if you are having to wait and are not feeling well, it can seem like an absolute eternity. In fact, in a survey by the design and development firm Sequence, 63% of patients say that waiting is the most stressful part of their visit to the doctor. With that being said, wait times are inevitable. But there are some things you can do to help minimize the inconvenience.   Read More

Which Magazines Do Readers Subscribe To?


A member by the username “j0rgy” has posted a forum thread to answer a question. He asked the Reddit community what particular magazines they subscribe to. He got more than quick answers. Check out the full thread here. Read More

The Ultimate Playbook for Football-Season Parties


Put on your lucky jersey, gather your friends and family, and set out a spread of Buffalo wings and appetizers—NFL and college football begins this month. Whether you’re a die-hard fan or just love an excuse to throw a party, EBSCO Mags offers the best game plan for get-togethers with magazines that cover everything from team profiles and fantasy draft picks to tailgating recipes and home décor. Get ready for a season’s worth of excitement with our ultimate playbook for football parties. Read More

9 Magazines Your Patrons Love to Read


Thousands of magazines are published every year, but which ones rank highest in readership among your clients? From popular women’s magazines, such as InStyle and Good Housekeeping, to leading general interest, sports, and men’s magazines, such as People, Sports Illustrated, and Men’s Journal, EBSCO Mags tracks the best-selling publications for your waiting room. And this month, we’re offering a $5 coupon when you spend $20 or more on our top 10 magazines (offer expired September 2, 2015). Keep customers comfortable and entertained with the most popular magazines for your reception room. Read More

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