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Featuring Discover Magazine 

Discover magazine is great at describing technical scientific leaps and studies in laymans terms. Each issue contains a wide variety of subjects including medicine, space, physics, technology, and environmental/Earth sciences. Want to keep up with the latest changes in technology? Get a subscription to Discover magazines so that you can understand the change going on around you, plus the men and women who are making it happen.

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Worms Help Discover Key to Cancer

I've read a multitude of science articles/books about disease and one interesting concept I have found is this...most medical quantum leaps in discovering the cure for disease come from studying unrelated projects.  Discover magazine has a great article about the discovery of how microRNA snippets that were being studied in hermaphrodite worms called Caenorhabditis elegans.

Over two and a half decades, this seemingly insignificant study of worm DNA more recently filled in the gaps for some major work being done in human cancer research.  It wasn't until 2004 when the worm study helped one cancer researcher see how throttling the production of microRNA directly affected tumor growth.  I highly recommend you read this article. It's not only interesting, but great for understanding how your DNA plays a role in disease and cancer.

Discover Magazine

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Why Would You Want Anything Else

The commercials make it look cool, but you really don't realize how nice it is to have an iPhone until you have one.  Well, I don't have one, yet...but I did get one for my wife about two weeks ago.  It is the BEST $100 I've ever spent.   It's a cool phone in general with the touch screen, real internet browser capability, GPS/Google Maps, iTunes music, YouTube Video, decent in-phone camera, even video on the GS model, and of course, texting and email capabilities, but the most valuable part is the fact that you can add countless other apps to enhance its capabilities

Right off the bat, we bought 6-7 apps that were educational games for toddlers.  You couldn't ask for a better tool to keep your little toddler occupied at the table in a restaurant or in the car on a long trip.  Between my wife using it for Facebook/Email/Texting and my 3 year old son hogging it for the games, I really don't get to play with it.  I'll be amazed if that battery lasts a year.

Economist Magazine When I picked up a copy of the Sept 26-Oct 2 Economist magazine the other day, the main title story on the cover says, "The Power of Mobile Money."  Now this article is actually talking about how telecoms in third world countries have spurred the economies of the less fortunate using programs like M-PESA.  It reminded me that mobile commerce is still in its infancy even in the developed world. 

I'm surprised at how many businesses still don't see setting up a wi-fi as an opportunity to serve their customers better.  The iPhone runs longer and faster when it doesn't have to rely on the 3G network to check for email and do various other background apps.  It automatically searches for wi-fi networks to connect to, and if your business has one up, this gives you a great opportunity to catch their attention.


Well, the iPhone (and some computers) automatically prompt you to connect to the local wi-fi network once you are in range. This is the perfect spot to direct the person to a your special local network webpage that could offer up a coupon, upcoming event, or even ask them to fill out a form to enter their personal data directly into your business database.  You could even develop your own personal app, be it an addictive game or something more educational like post visit instructions all branded with your business name.

There are a lot of possibilities, don't let them pass you by - it pays well to be first in business!  Here's one of the coolest iPhone apps that I have seen yet!

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The Fans Are Not The Only Ones Who Are Crazy

GQ-Magazine After seeing what happened to Tim Tebow in the Florida/Kentucky game almost two weeks ago...the article in the October 2009 issue of GQ magazine has me more concerned about letting my own son play football.  Starting on page 176, you will find that even with a helmet, football causes enough brain damage that it could leave you Tasering yourself to sleep, eating Pringles/Little Debbie's each day as nourishment, and eventually becoming homeless.

While the story of Pittsburg Steeler's football star Mike Webster is sad, his story and the story of several other pro football players have a lot to tell when it comes to describing the long term dangers of football related brain injury.   This is a must read for any parent who has kids in rough sports like football, mixed martial arts, hockey, rugby, boxing or wrestling.  You can read the article here online.

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