Frequently Asked Questions

Please find below answers to the most common questions we hear from customers.

If you have questions on a specific magazine or specific to your account, please contact us via our website form, Live Chat, or call Customer Service at (800) 527.5901 (Monday thru Friday, 8:00am-4:30pm CST).


How do I open an account?
Place an order for all the magazines you would like to add to the account. Upon checking out you will be asked to sign in or set up a new account. Choosing New will take you to the appropriate screen that will allow you to add your new account information. »Top

How do I renew titles I've previously ordered from EBSCO Mags?
Renewing your magazines becomes easy. If you have magazines that need renewing, an alert will show up on your My Account dashboard. Clicking this link will take you directly to the Manage Renewals page. Once on the Manage Renewals page, you can renew all your subscriptions by checking the box in the Renew Now column and clicking the Submit Requests button to add them to your shopping cart. Either continue shopping or go directly to the checkout process to complete your renewal order. »Top

Can I transfer magazines I ordered through someone else to EBSCO Mags?
Of course!

While placing your order it is as simple as switching the magazine from new to renew, then look on the magazine label for your expiration date and switch it in the drop down. We will take care of the rest by contacting the publisher and making the transfer smoothly for you.

If you have an active account, you can also make transfers quickly by using the Transfer Subscriptions form found in the My Subscriptions section of your My Account subscritpion management tools. »Top

How do I qualify for your rates?
In order to qualify for reception room rates, you must have either a business name or a professional title. All businesses who have reception or waiting areas instantly qualify. All you have to do is open an account. »Top

Why do I need to provide a business name or professional title?
Because our specially negotiated rates are available only to professionals, business owners, business managers, and businesses with reception rooms or waiting areas, we need the name of your business or your professional title. Entering your title or business name qualifies you to receive the deeply discounted magazine prices we offer. »Top

Can I pay my outstanding invoice online?
Yes, as long as you have an active account with us. Click on My Account (found at the top right corner). Once logged in, go to the My Invoices section. From here you can view any invoices with an outstanding balance. Click the invoice # to see details on that invoice. If you have multiple bills due, select those that you'd like to pay and click the Pay Bills button. It's that easy. »Top

Can I have multiple delivery addresses on my account?
Yes. After setting up your account, you can go to the My Profile page and add as many delivery locations as you like. You'll notice that once you have more than one delivery address, the shopping cart will have a drop down that allows you to move magazines between the different locations.

For accounts with multiple locations, the bill will only go to the billing address. So, if you want the bill to go to multiple addresses, you will need to set up multiple accounts, each with their own billing address. »Top

What if I want to order a title that's not listed on this website?
We offer more than 250,000 magazine titles, so call us at (800) 527.5901 if there is a title that you'd like to order but do not see on the website. You can also use our Contact Us form. Chances are we can get you a great rate on the title you are looking for. »Top

How do I report a missed or damaged issue?
If you have an EBSCO Mags account, reporting a missing or damaged issue is simple. Login to your account, then click the My Subscriptions button. Click the orange Report A Problem button found at the top of the Active Magazines table. Use the Report Problem Details form to provide details on your missed or damaged issues. We'll address your concern quickly and keep you updated on our progress throughout the resolution process. »Top

Can I cancel my magazines? How?
Yes, you can cancel your titles at any time and you may be eligible for a refund for issues you have not yet received. Login to your EBSCO Mags account and click on the My Subscriptions button. Use the Cancel Subscriptions page to either let a current subscription now renew when it expires (select the "Let Expire" checkbox) or you can cancel a subscription immediately (select the "Cancel Now" checkbox). »Top

What if I can't remember my password or UserID?
You can have your login information sent to you via the email address on the account. If you do not have an email registered with us, please call 800-527-5901 or use the Contact Us web form so we can add it to your account. »Top

What if I need to pay by check or have a bill sent?
In order to use the "Bill Me Later" option, you must have an active EBSCO Mags account in good standing. You will receive a copy of your invoice via email and regular mail within two weeks after the order is placed. If you have opened an account for the first time, then you can either pay with a credit card, or call (800) 527.5901 to have the account taken care of through one of our customer service representatives. »Top

Can I order magazines for my home?
All magazines must be billed to a business address to qualify for reception room special pricing. Home-based businesses qualify. »Top

Can I order subscriptions from EBSCO Mags as gifts?
Our special rates cannot be used to give gift subscriptions unless being sent to another professional at a business address. Please call our toll free number (800) 527.5901 for more information. »Top

Where can I find out if a magazine is discontinued?
You can always be kept up to date on magazine pricing changes, frequency changes, and discontinuations via the EBSCO Mags Blog. To find a quick list, visit the Discontinued Magazine List. »Top

When can I expect the first issue of my subscription?
Most magazines begin arriving between 8 to 10 weeks from the order date. Your subscription will begin on what we refer to as the "Start Date." A Start Date adjusts for the lag time it takes for your delivery address information to be imported into the publisher's upcoming issue printing queue. All start dates are either on the 1st or the 15th of the month. They are always set to be 60 days out from the time of the purchase. »Top

Example: You order Good Housekeeping on February 20th. The Start Date will be May 1st. The first issue you receive will be the May issue, but you will more than likely start receiving it around the first week in April.

What does a magazine's "Term" mean?
A magazine's "Term" refers to the number of years (usually 1, 2, or 3 years) the subscriptions price includes. EBSCO Mags always follows the Term by the number of issues in Term. »Top


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