Why Business Magazines Could Make or Break Your Business

No magazine collection is complete without a good sampling of business magazines. When clients come into your reception area, they expect to be well entertained by your selection. Good magazines provide a better experience for the client and therefore you. Although magazines for businesses and other corporations aren’t going to be appropriate for all kinds of clients – for example if you regularly have younger children in your waiting area.  You are very likely to entertain business people at your office more than once. It’s important to make a good impression on these men and women. You want them to have a positive experience, even while they wait.

Should You Have Business Magazines?

Different businesses will require different magazines. There are children’s hospitals that shouldn’t contain magazines with inappropriate content. Dentist offices in a city can probably safely assume they won’t need hunting journals. That’s how it is with all magazines. Take into account the experience you want your client to have. Will you have many clients who will be interested in magazines that talk about business news? What about your business? The magazines you have should reflect both the interests of your customers and the interests of your business as a whole.

Staying Balanced with Your Magazine Selection

Your patients will be judging your business from the second they enter your reception area. Don’t only have cheap gossip magazines or children’s publications. The type of magazines you have reflects the thinking behind your business, whether you want it to or not. Your clients will notice the absence or presence of the magazines they like, and judge you by the types of magazines you have. This is why you should include business magazines among your selections. Not only do they please customers who work in different industries, they will also give your waiting room a professional flair. When arranging your reception room, it’s all about these small, often overlooked, details.

Some Magazines to Consider

No matter what types of magazines you have, they should all be high quality magazines. High quality may also mean more expensive, but what will your clients think when they find stacks of poorly written, poorly edited publications in your waiting room? Not only do good magazines make you look good, they also keep your clients engaged and content. Here are some popular business magazines that you can keep in mind and consider purchasing as you stock your waiting room.

  • Fortune Magazine – Fortune is a very good magazine to show good taste and to keep the minds of your clients engaged. It’s full of innovative ideas for different businesses, analysis, even strategies. Already a leading magazine, you can’t really go wrong with Fortune. It’s a good pick if you think you’ll have plenty of entrepreneurs or innovators visiting your business. Or you can just use it to add a bit of class to your stock.

  • Harvard Business Review – This magazine might be one you should assign to your employees to read – not just your clients. Harvard Business Review has a mission: improve how businesses are managed in this ever-changing world. Your clients will enjoy reading this.

  • Forbes – Forbes is another one of the leading business magazines that are well known throughout many industries. Magazines like Forbes are good to have in your selection because they’re ones that your clients will recognize. Recognition is the key to appreciation, and clients are much more likely to enjoy their time in the waiting area if they’re reading a magazine they already know about and like.

These are just a few of the top business magazines available. You can find more by searching through our website. We offer these and many others – currently we have over 250,000 assorted publications. These magazines will keep your clients engaged and content, not to mention giving your business a professional flair. The right magazine choices can make or break your reception room. Let us help you find just the right ones for your business.


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