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National Geographic Covers Global Drinking Water Situation

Posted Apr 27, 2010

Written by Shawn Pearson

National Geographic covers global drinking waterI don't read National Geographic enough, but I should.  The April 2010 issue covers the global drinking water situation.  As you may have already heard, there is a severe shortage of drinking water in many third world countries, and even in the more rural parts of moderately developed nations.  To be more precise, there are actually two issues:

  • Much of the available water is contaminated with natural salts
  • Most water is polluted with bacteria, viruses, and industrial waste

According to two separate articles about desalination (page 32) and purification (page 113) there are solutions on the horizon.  Outside of this National Geographic issue, I have also seen two prominent inventors Dean Kamen and Michael Pritchard who have solved the safe drinking water problem. The only hurdle left is monetary.  Who will pay for this technology to be spread to the masses most in need?

Logically you would think that this kind of thing would be taken care of by the state governments and at least partially supplemented by the population. However, not everyone is lucky enough to live a country with a government who looks out for the best interests of its citizens. So that leaves philanthropy...or could this responsibility fall into the duties covered by the World Health Organization?

Maybe you have a better solution? 

If so, here is your chance to save the world, or at least save the part that is suffering most! Get inspired to change the world for the better. I highly recommend cracking open this April 2010 issue of National Geographic, all the articles (and photos, of course) are superb.  If you love this issue, surely you will enjoy many more to come.  If you don't already have it, you may want to try a subscription to National Geographic with us at 28% off the cover price.  You won't be disappointed.

Already have National Geographic? You can learn more about Earth's past, present, and future in the Nature and History magazines category.


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