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Good Housekeeping 125 Years Old

Posted Apr 28, 2010

Good Housekeeping 125 Years OldThe mother of all women's magazines Good Housekeeping is highlighting its 125th Anniversary issue (Collector's Edition). It's crazy that Good Housekeeping is 125 years old. I'm still trying to figure out their math here because according to Wikipedia, the first issue was in 1859?? Uh, last time I checked 2010 minus 1859 equals 151. However, the page does state that the first editor Clark W. Bryan started in 1885…so maybe that is where they are counting from.

Anyway, this Good Housekeeping's ode to women issue the main article that caught my eye was 125 Women Who Changed Our World, mainly because I'm a big history buff.  Now of course, there were the most popular contemporary role models like Oprah, Martha Stewart, Hillary Clinton, and Rosa Parks, but my favorite part was the Mother's of Invention section. Our military and police officers need to thank a woman. Stephanie L. Kwolek invented the polymer used in Kevlar bulletproof vests.  And did you know that the beautiful 1940's actress Hedy Lamarr also helped invent an anti-jamming device for torpedoes?  When I read that, I had to look it up just because it was such an odd contrast...Mainstream Actress and Radio Frequency Engineer? It's true…she did!

The biggest thing I take away from this article is that women are incredible at changing the minds of the masses.  It is amazing to me how many of the 125 women listed were artists, writers, actresses and activists.  Their influence was/is soft, subtle, and yet disarmingly powerful.  They were/are leaders who have no need to be aggressive to change the world. I hope that this article inspires more women to use their hidden gifts to make the world a better place.

I wanted to pass along a little tip when you are reading your own copy of the magazine. The article starts on page 67, but on page 75 GH did not put a "Continues on page 235" message. Just wanted to pass that along. You also can read the whole article here online.

Mother's Day is May 9th, remember to appreciate the most influential woman in your life! Maybe you should get her a subscription to Good Housekeeping? What's that you say...she already has it? No problem, there are a ton of other great Home and Garden magazines that she might like.


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