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Discover Magazine Story Connected to the Paleo Diet?

Posted Sep 28, 2010

Written by Shawn Pearson

While reading through my regular daily blog feeds, I came across what I felt was a very interesting article.  The title of the blog post was a bit over the top, but the content of the article was intriguing none the less.  Tim Ferriss author of The 4 Hour Work Week, had a guest post from another author who makes a pretty convincing case that all the grains that we love so much are slowly poisoning us through our intestinal tract.

Chemical Warfare?
According to Robb Wolf, chemical warfare is being waged against you, and you probably didn’t know it.  In his book, The Paleo Solution, Robb makes the case that foods made from common grains and some legumes are not your friend. In fact, they have evolved over eons to produce proteins with the seeds that are designed to slowly poison the animal/human that ingests them. Given enough time, these proteins destroy the lining in your gut leaving you susceptible to severe vitamin/mineral deficiencies and several types of scary-sounding autoimmune diseases. I don’t know why, but this article wouldn’t leave my mind alone.

A Few Days Later…
Discover Magazine Paleo Diet ConnectionI was reading an article under Vital Signs in the 30th Anniversary Issue of Discover magazine and it made me curious.  What if Robb’s gluten attack is related to the disease mentioned in the article.  Is there a Discover Magazine Paleo diet connection?  The young man mentioned, had recently returned from his honeymoon, but was experiencing severe fatigue.

After some tests, he was prescribed replacement hormone for his thyroid, but continued to have problems.  The doctor eventually figured out that the young man’s adrenal glands were also malfunctioning. What tipped off the physician was that the tan the young man had gotten during his Jamaican honeymoon had not gone away even though several weeks had passed.  I had no idea your adrenal glands regulated melatonin in your skin, did you?. Guess you learn something new every day!

Anyway, it turns out the young man was diagnosed with APS or autoimmune polyglandular syndrome.  This meant that his body’s immune system was slowly attacking all the glands in his body, especially his thyroid and adrenal glands.

So What Was The Original Cause?
Unfortunately for the young man, he will now need to be on thyroid and adrenal hormone replacement therapy for the rest of his life. This made me wonder. After 20 something years of being healthy, why all of the sudden did the young man in the article have this autoimmunity problem?  Now I’m not saying this is the real answer, but what if Robb’s grain-less diet concept could make a difference?

It makes you wonder…

Discover magazine always has great articles, so be sure to add a subscription to your list. You never know when it will help exercise your neurons. You can find Robb’s/Tim’s article here.


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