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Bribing Childern To Learn New Things

Posted Aug 8, 2011

Written by Shawn Pearson

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while you already know that I have a son who’s four.  I enjoy my time with him and I’m always looking for fun little projects we can make together.  For a while now we have been bribing him with Lego Hero Factory characters to try new things like learning to swim and reading his first book, both of which he has successfully accomplished this summer. 

The upside of Legos is they teach tactile and spacial intelligence, but I also like that I can use them to teach him how to read directions.  Unfortunately, Legos being used as a bribery tool can get expensive and will probably bite me in the hindquarters later on...but what's done is done.

Disneys FamilyFun Magazine

So for the past few weeks I have been looking for some more affordable solutions to my father-son-teachable-moment time. My wife had left the September issue of Disney’s FamilyFun magazine on the table and I decided to take a break from cleaning the house to take a look at it.  There were all kinds of great ideas in there! Hidden just after the article about Minute-to-Win-It like games was a three page article (starting on page 98) about “Mechanical Marvels”.

They have three cool little “toys” you can make with your children out of various household materials. One is a rubber band powered paint stick car, the second is a neat little (well actually GIGANTIC) articulated hand out of those foam pool noodles, and finally a fun magnetic crane also using a small piece of pool noodle, paint stick, D battery, some wire, glue, and steel bolt. 

My guess is this piecemeal magnetic crane won’t be as cool and amazing as that new remote controlled Air Hogs Fly Crane. I’ve got to stop letting him watch the Cartoon Network, those toy commercials are going to bankrupt me! However, nothing beats an opportunity to teach your child how to solve a problem by helping them make something for themselves.


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