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Switch Up Your Holiday Feast This Year

Posted Nov 26, 2011

After last year’s Christmas turkey failed miserably I made a recommendation to my wife.  Why don’t we try an Asian feast for next Christmas?  It’s easier to make, full of flavor and the leftovers are always great.  I had forgotten all about my decree until I opened up the December 2011 issue of Martha Stewart Living

Martha Stewart Living Magazine

Don’t get me wrong I enjoyed the turkey this year at Thanksgiving. The new recommendation by all the Food Network chefs is to let your turkey sit an hour before serving. That was pretty much spot on.  Unfortunately, if you consider all the items we eat traditionally, it turns out to be quite a carb fest that can leave you feeling bloated and immobile two hours later.

The 4 Hour Body Diet I was on is great for losing weight, but can feel restrictive once you hit your target weight.  I was looking to keep my energy up and the last blood work I had done said I was at the lower end of the spectrum on B-12 and vitamin D.  My recent bout with a hyperactive thyroid threw my whole body out of whack so I am changing it up a bit.

According to Eat Right For Your Blood Type, one of my favorite Christmas time pleasures Honey Baked Ham is on the Avoid list for O Type blood.  I’ve been experimenting with the diet for about three weeks now, although went off reservation for most of the Thanksgiving week.  So far though, my energy has been way up while applying the new diet.  The bonus is, it doesn’t feel that restrictive and could possibly explain why milk and wheat based foods make me feel sluggish for days.

The interesting thing is this…being an O blood type aligns almost exactly with the Paleo diet which is probably why the 4 Hour Body diet worked for me.  After reading Eat Right 4 Your Blood Type, I can see how those other diets might not work as well for Blood types A and AB.  There is also some interesting information about blood types that I wasn’t aware of…did you know that type AB blood only evolved in humans about a thousand years ago?

Can’t leave you without a recipe on this one…check out the Coconut-Curry Noodle Soup from this December 2011 issue of Martha Stewart Living.


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