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10 Delicious Memorial Day Menus

Posted May 15, 2015

10 Delicious Memorial Day Menus

Americans often celebrate Memorial Day, the unofficial start of summer, with a backyard or beachside barbeque. The holiday gives us a chance to spend time with friends and family, and it offers us all an opportunity to honor the military servicemen and women who protect our country. The following publications—available for less than $20 from EBSCO Reception Room Services (ERRSS)—feature fun, creative menu ideas for this year’s Memorial Day festivities.

Good Housekeeping
1. 9 Make-Ahead Memorial Day Sides
People want to relax outdoors on Memorial Day, not labor away in a hot kitchen. This selection of recipes from Good Housekeeping shows you how to get the majority of the cooking work done the day before. Dishes include orzo salad with grape tomatoes, feta, and mint; Caesar pasta salad; pea and herb pilaf; and smoky corn salad. They are all easy to make ahead and transport.

2. Grilling Menu for Memorial Day
This menu comes from Elizabeth Karmel, born and bred in North Carolina barbecue country, Executive chef of Hill Country Barbecue and Hill Country Chicken restaurants and author of three grilling cookbooks, Elizabeth hosts a website called girlsatthegrill that features everything you want to know about grilling. In this article, she extolls the flavors of beer can chicken and gives great tips for grilling veggies.

3. Easy Memorial Day Desserts
This round-up includes a few favorite desserts for the first big cookout of the season. Pies are especially nice for summer cookouts. You want to make fruit pies like strawberry-rhubarb way ahead of time so that the filling can set. And don’t wait until July Fourth to make flag desserts. Honor those who have served our country with a patriotic cupcake flag. Check out the step-by-step instructions to see how simple and sweet it is.

4. Meatless Memorial Day Menu
Do you have friends attending your barbecue that don’t eat meat? Memorial Day is usually associated with burgers and hot dogs, but there are plenty of other options to satisfy hungry vegetarians. Try these recipes for turkey burgers, zucchini pizza, and glazed salmon.

Southern Living
5. Your Memorial Day BBQ Game Plan
Southern Living has the secret for smoked chicken so good you’ll want to kiss it. This chicken is guaranteed to satisfy any die-hard BBQ fan. The menu also includes fast, fresh, five-ingredient sides that celebrate summer ingredients, including hot bacon caprese salad, grilled Mexican corn salad, zucchini-potato casserole, and more.

6. Memorial Day Menu
Inspired by a party on the dock of a Chesapeake Bay yacht club, this menu offers recipes for jerk chicken, cornbread- and crab-stuffed fish, and seafarers’ cherries jubilee. Crab-stuffed seafood is a menu tradition on the Chesapeake; in season you may substitute rockfish for the bass or snapper called for in the recipe.

Cooking Light
7. Summer Drinks and Cocktails
Keep cool on a hot Memorial Day with refreshing, delicious beverages. Marionberry mojitos, kiwi coladas, and Jamaica margaritas are sure to get the party started. And the whole family will enjoy kid-friendly options such peach lemonade and watermelon lime soda.

Bon Appetit
8. What We’re Cooking for Memorial Day
From ribs to potato salad to dishes that are decidedly more epicurean, this article features 12 cookout recipes Bon Appetit staffers are making for Memorial Day. Try the seafood dishes, including steamed fish with lime and chili, linguine and clams, and butter-basted halibut with capers.

9. 30 Memorial Day Side Dishes That Eclipse the Mains
Here are 30 dishes for Memorial Day that might even outshine your burgers, from slaws to salads to pickles. This menu includes lots of tasty appetizers such as crunchy sake pickles, party mix, and caramelized onion and shallot dip.

10. What to Do with Memorial Day Leftovers
From grilled chicken to pan-fried sausage, Bon Appetit tells you how to use up your Memorial Day leftovers. This field guide for reusing cookout leftovers includes a heavy emphasis on “tacofication.” Leftover chicken is especially versatile; just be sure to keep it moist with fats such as cheese for tacos or mayo for chicken salad.

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How to Court the Female Customer

Posted May 8, 2015

Mothers Day Deals

Women account for 85% of all consumer purchases, including everything from autos to health care. Women decide where to shop, what to buy, and who deserves their families’ hard-earned dollars. Making female customers feel at home in your waiting room is a smart marketing move--and good for business. This Mother’s Day, give a little something back to the ladies. The following publications--available at greatly discounted rates from EBSCO Reception Room Services (ERRSS)--offer the best in lifestyle, fashion, food, home, and entertainment.


People magazine reaches 44 million readers including 1 in 4 mothers, according to its media statistics. The magazine’s popularity is well deserved for its coverage of who’s hot in the arts, business, politics, television, movies, books, music, and sports. Check out People's Most Beautiful Women: Then & Now for tips from the stars on how to age gracefully. Style editors also give readers the inside scoop on The Best Face Washes Ever, Summer’s Must-Have Sneakers, 6 Hair Trends Worth Trying, and much more.


Women of all ages and backgrounds look to Oprah magazine for self-improvement, health, and relationship advice. A recent issue revealed What the Happiest People Do at Work. Did you know that taking five minutes to recap the Walking Dead or Downton Abbey finale with your colleagues could significantly boost your mood? Socializing at work is the only thing proven to make us almost as happy as we are when we're not at work, reports a study at the London School of Economics. Your office environment can also affect your wellbeing. Employees given freedom to personalize their surroundings are more upbeat, motivated, and 32% more productive than when working in the typical gray or beige box.


With 77% of readers raising kids in their household, FamilyFun has established itself as the trusted expert on family vacations, cooking, celebrations, play, creative projects, and learning--the full spectrum of fun times shared by loved ones. Start with step-by-step directions for easy-to-make crafts, such as outdoor art, string art, and thank you cards. Then learn How To Raise Happy Kids by teaching children to commit random acts of kindness, celebrate sunny thinking, and get serious about getting goofy. FamilyFun provides valuable information and entertainment for the whole family.


More magazine is written for sophisticated women in their 40s and beyond. With a 95% female readership, More appeals to those who like to be ahead of the curve on beauty, fashion, money, career, health, and relationships. In its Ultimate Anti-Aging Meal Plan, More teaches you how much of a given food must you eat, and how often, to get the most benefit. Try the two-week, maximize-your-health eating plan that conforms to the guidelines of the Mediterranean diet--heavy on olive oil, whole grains, nuts, produce, and fish--which has been shown to increase your life span.

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Get the Dirt on Top Gardening Tricks

Posted Apr 23, 2015

Top Gardening Tricks from Home Magazines

Written by Sarah Brueggemann

Have you ever mistaken a trowel for a spade? Can you kill even the hardiest cactus? If your green thumb is more akin to the color of compost, EBSCO Reception Room Subscription Services (ERRSS) is here to help. ERRSS offers the best combo deals on home and lifestyle magazines that reveal how to keep your garden growing all season long.

Bold Bouquets

If you intend to harvest blossoms from your backyard or gather a bunch from your local farmer’s market, be sure to check out 10 Things to Do with a Bucket of Flowers from Good Housekeeping. For late spring and early summer, stylist Paul Lowe recommends pairing dahlias, clematis, viburnum, chamomile, and eucalyptus berries with vintage containers for a look he calls “rustic elegance.” The article showcases the simplest, prettiest ways to use flowers in bouquets, place cards, edible treats, and creative wrapping.

Delectable Veggies

Martha Stewart Living provides a gardening guide for beginners and pros alike with All About Easy-To-Grow Vegetables. Martha helps readers select hardy varieties and teaches how to nurture plants with her Vegetable Growing Guide. The guide teaches you exactly how to create the right conditions for vegetables with rich soil, plant diversity, and regular watering, weeding, and mulching. Use Martha’s expertise to ensure perfect produce throughout the season.

Herbal Therapy

Herbs are more than medicinal aids and culinary delights,” says HGTV Magazine’s guide to How to Use Herbs in the Landscape. “Using herbs in the landscape is a way to add color, texture, and aroma while attracting bees and butterflies.” Herbs with bold color patterns or prolific blooms, such as purple sage, lavender, or golden oregano, mix well with traditional perennials. The article suggests growing herbs in containers to give you the option of moving them around on patios and balconies. HGTV also offers step-by-step directions for starting an herb garden and explains how to grow herbs from cuttings.

Garden Work Out

Family Circle knows that growing flowers can be a fun—and effective—way to exercise. “By weeding and digging in the dirt, a 140-lb. person will burn 300 calories per hour,” reports the article, How to Be a Fit Gardener. It’s important to take measures to prevent injury when gardening. David H. Baras, M.D., of the Department of Family Medicine at the University of South Florida School of Medicine, gives great advice on how to prevent and alleviate soreness. He cautions gardeners to hydrate frequently and not push themselves past their limits.

Curb Appeal

Better Homes and Gardens shows readers how to enhance their curb appeal with the addition of colorful plants and practical furniture. The magazine’s smart landscaping tips can help you transform a nondescript bungalow into the best-looking house on the block. Better Homes and Gardens offers helpful garden planning tools, including a garden plan finder to determine the best plants for your sun, shade, and climate needs. The magazine also provides a plant encyclopedia, searchable by plant type and characteristic, with information on caring for annuals, shrubs, vines, and more.

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5 Easy Ways to Refresh Your Life This Spring 

Posted Apr 13, 2015

5 Easy Ways to Refresh Your Life This Spring

Just as snow thaws to reveal new buds, spring uncovers the desire in us all to make our lives better. It’s time to shake out the cobwebs, both real and figurative, and give the season a fresh start. Whether you are looking to update your home décor or organize overstuffed closets, EBSCO Reception Room Subscription Services (ERRSS) offers the most helpful, inspirational home and garden magazines at dramatically discounted rates.

Spring Cleaning

Better Homes and Gardens magazine makes it easy for readers to clean house. The April issue features expert tips that will help you breeze through your tasks. “Create a schedule and commit to it,” says Melissa Maker, founder of Clean My Space housekeeping services. “Don’t overwhelm yourself and think you have to do every spring cleaning task ever done in history. Focus on what I call the ‘MIAs,’ the most important areas in your home. If the basement is a big issue then focus on that.” The article explains why you should gather all your supplies before you start and how to reduce cleaning time. It also provides the ultimate spring cleaning checklist.

Decor Update

Good Housekeeping presents 16 Ways to Get Your House Ready for Spring. The simplest step is to swap out your pillows: Velvet, silk, and tweed feel too heavy for spring, so replace with light fabrics like linen or printed cotton. Also think about adding bold accessories, a brighter wall color, or a new statement piece to your house. “My grandmother used to swap her damask curtains to a floral pattern in the spring,” said designer Jen Going. “It's an old-school trick that transforms a home from winter to spring.

Always a source of elegant interiors, Elle Décor offers 21 Spring-Inspired Rooms. You’ll want to redecorate after you see all of the great ideas for cheerful, floral wall coverings. The magazine also features vibrant color combinations, such as bright yellow painted hardwood floors and blue-and-white patterned wallpaper.

Entertaining Alfresco

With the return of warm weather, friends and family spend more and more time outdoors together. For your next gathering, why not host the prettiest spring brunch? Southern Living shares recipes for Peach-Basil Iced Tea, Chilled Carrot Soup, Creamy Egg Strata, and Lemon-Rosemary Coffee Cake.

Or check out Martha Stewart Living for Martha’s spring favorites, her personal picks out of the thousands of recipes she has prepared over the years. This season she suggests such decadent deserts as Rhubarb Upside-Down Cake, Strawberry Shortcake, Coconut Layer Cake, and Carrot Ginger Layer Cake.

Welcome the Season

Greet your guests with charming spring wreaths featuring fresh flowers and other seasonal accents from Real Simple. The magazine features tips to create a floral monogram wreath, a thin spring wreath, a cupcake liner wreath, a fabric scrap wreath, and an Easter candy wreath. Get the full tutorials to craft these attractive garlands for yourself.

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Top 5 Magazines for Waiting Room Audiences

Posted Mar 23, 2015

It only makes sense to buy magazines that appeal specifically to your waiting room audience. For example, no pediatrician’s office is complete without a well-thumbed stack of Highlights magazines for children. Hair and nail salons look to publications such as Marie Claire to offer their clients the latest in beauty and fashion. And body shops know that Car & Driver resonates with road warriors needing a tune up.

But which magazines do you select when your business caters to men and women of all ages and interests? What will best serve your customers—and your budget?

EBSCO Reception Room Subscription Services (ERRSS) has the purchasing power to offer the top titles at drastically reduced rates. The following magazines, now available for $1 or less per issue, engage a wide audience with useful articles and dramatic photography. Make your reception room a space that’s both welcoming and entertaining with these general interest publications.

From politics and scientific breakthroughs to the latest events in art and business, Time covers national and international news that impacts the entire family. A recent article, How to Tell Which iPhone Apps Are Killing Your Battery, gives practical solutions to a common problem.

Entertainment Weekly
What’s happening in movies, videos, books, and more? Entertainment Weekly has the answers. Read what expert reviewers have to say before you buy pricy tickets at the box office. Also, get top stories on Hollywood stars and enjoy recaps of your favorite TV shows.

Conde Nast Traveler
Each page of Conde Nast Traveler transports readers to faraway destinations where the fragrance of exotic spices lingers in the air. Start planning your dream vacation with articles such as 10 Iconic New Orleans Dishes, 2015 Music Festivals Worth Traveling For, and Top 10 Island Beaches for Swimming and Snorkeling.

Keep up to date on the latest research on health, nutrition, fitness, and psychology. Prevention magazine offers ideas to make your life lighter and brighter, including 7 Ways To Boost Your Metabolism and Simple Ways To Boost Your Self-Confidence Fast.

Sports Illustrated
Take the whole family out to the ballgame with Sports Illustrated. The magazine’s action photography and in-depth coverage of baseball, football, basketball, hockey, soccer, tennis, golf, and more are unrivaled. Follow basketball? Check out the NBA Power Rankings and March Madness TV Guide.

ERRSS offers reception rooms exceptional rates on general interest publications. Order these magazines and more for $1 an issue at

The Anti-Cancun: Alternative Spring Break Destinations

Posted Mar 18, 2015

Alternative Spring Break Destination

Written by Natalie Laseter

Want to avoid the crowds and skip the spring break clichés? Take a detour from the tourist hotspots and discover unique and enchanting locales with numerous entertaining diversions and opportunities for relaxation. Travel magazines (available through EBSCO Reception Room Subscription Services) pinpoint tucked away retreats that will leave you both refreshed and mesmerized. Come explore the world with five alternative destinations for your dream spring break vacation.

Island Luxury: Paia-Makawao, Hawaii

Escape it all at the Lumeria Maui resort in Paia-Makawao, Hawaii. Eight beautiful acres of gardens and meditative yoga classes make this island retreat one of Outside magazine’s favorite vacations. Take in views of the ocean and the West Maui Mountains from the hotel’s saltwater pool, or surf the world-famous Honolua Bay with an experienced instructor. Complete your restorative journey at one of the island’s farm-to-table restaurants, which offer delicious, good-for-you dishes that are sure to delight.

European Allure: Florence, Italy

Discover the many marvels of Florentine culture with Travel + Leisure magazine. Begin your travels at the Mercato Centrale and sample delectable gourmet ricottas, savory pine-nut gelato, and handmade tortellini from area chefs. Experience the old world charm of the Italian opera at Opera di Firenze, which welcomes visitors to its 2,000 seat open air theater on warm summer nights. Peruse magnificent modern artwork at the Museo Novecento before retiring in one of the city’s many chic hotels.

Family-friendly City: Toronto, Canada

National Geographic Traveler invites you to explore the culturally diverse city of Toronto, Canada, in its latest issue. Visit the car-free streets around Kensington Market and watch as performers sing and dance to a wide variety of musical styles. Go ice skating in Nathan Phillips Square, and grab a plate of fish-and-chips at Chippy’s restaurant to appreciate the province’s British connection. As the most populous city in Ontario, this unique getaway offers lots of eclectic fun for both families and nightlife-seeking students. Everyone will love visiting lively Mirvish Village and Queen Street West.

Caribbean Haven: Port Antonio, Jamaica

Nicknamed “The Peaceful Parish,” Port Antonio, Jamaica, is an oasis for travelers who want to bypass the busy beaches of Montego Bay, Ochos Rios, and Negril. Quiet shores, crystal clear waters, and nearby Blue Mountains are among the attractions featured in the recent Condé Nast TravelerRent the whitewashed, eight-room Trident Castle and feel like royalty for the duration for your stay. The scenic castle overlooks the Caribbean, giving guests romantic starlit ocean views each evening. Even if you choose more cost-conscious lodgings, anyone can feel like a star here. Walk the pristine sands of Frenchman’s Cove Beach and discover why celebrities including Elizabeth Taylor and Errol Flynn loved this secluded spot.

Can’t Pick One? Globe Trot!

Our final location isn’t really is place—it’s an adventure. AFAR magazine highlights 25 spectacular cities in its latest issue. From Copenhagen, Denmark, to Cape Town, South Africa, there’s something here for every excursionist. Pedal the bike-friendly streets of Copenhagen to the trendy Meatpacking District, alive with talked-about restaurants and boutique shops. Relish sumptuous truffles from chocolatier Honest in Cape Town, South Africa, and purchase inventive South African artwork from Old Biscuit Mill—a quirky vendor that erects masterpieces from recycled materials.

Explore the world with travel magazines from EBSCO Reception Room Subscription Room Services.

Get in Shape for Spring with Top Health Magazines

Posted Mar 4, 2015

Get in Shape for Spring with Top Health Magazines

Written by Natalie Laseter

Swimsuits, spring break, and the approaching summer vacation—with the weather warming up, it’s time to get healthy. If invigorating exercises, health-conscious recipes, and advice for ridding your home of springtime allergens are what you need, then health and fitness magazines (available through EBSCO Reception Room Subscription Services) are here to help. So get ready for fun in the sun with our five favorite spring-inspired health tips.

1. Don’t let allergies dampen your spring excitement. Combat them with Health magazine’s tips for allergy proofing your home. Plug-in air fresheners smell great, but actually emit volatile organic compounds that aggravate respiratory issues—so toss these in the trash. If redecorating your living room is an option, purchase a leather couch, which is less likely to trap allergens than a fabric one. Dust mites thrive in warm climates, so keep your thermostat below 68 degrees to ward off those troublesome, sneeze-provoking bugs.

2. Interval training is the best way to flatten your tummy, boost your metabolism, and lose weight, says Prevention and Dr. Oz, The Good Life magazines. If making time for a workout seems impossible, the good news is that short, high-intensity exercises actually burn more fat than longer ones. Want to tighten those abs? Get into plank position and make your abdominal muscles work twice as hard as when doing crunches. Incorporate strength training, such as push-ups, wall sits, and reverse lunges, into your routine to burn extra calories.

3. Remake your body with the Anarchy Workout, the latest fitness fad featured in this month’s issue of Men’s Health. The 30-minutes workout combines cardio, weights, and calisthenics to tone muscles and reduce fat. Begin with compound sets (i.e., lunges and squats), which target your muscles from different angles. And remember to switch directions (side-to-side, rotational, front, and back) when doing strength training to get a full range of motion.

4. Hours spent sitting at work could hurt you, says Weight Watcher’s magazine. Prolonged sitting actually increases your risk of obesity, diabetes, heart disease, back pain, and depression. And hitting the gym after work isn’t enough to reverse these effects. Counteract “sitting disease” by taking walk breaks, using a standing desk, and sneaking in activity whenever possible. Purchase a pedometer to remind yourself to get up and move, and kick your sedentary lifestyle to the curb.

5.Think again before banishing fat from your diet. This month’s issue of Shape magazine dissolves myths about this commonly misunderstood food group. Red meat lovers will rejoice over the Annals of Internal Medicine’s recent discovery—there’s no link between saturated fat and heart disease. However, nutritionists and doctors still agree that unsaturated fats are better for you than saturated. In fact, the linoleic acid found in unsaturated fats reduces cholesterol levels and may improve insulin sensitivity. So make vegetable oils, nuts, and fish part of your regular diet.

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And the Oscar Goes to…Best Magazines for Movie Lovers

Posted Feb 24, 2015

Best Magazines for Movie Lovers

Written by Natalie Laseter

Lights, action, camera! The 87th Academy Awards aired this past Sunday, so it’s time to binge-watch every movie that made the Oscars list. Before you make your picks for Best Picture, turn to entertainment magazines (available through EBSCO Reception Room Subscription Services) for reviews from movie critics. You’ll also get behind-the-scenes coverage on your favorite movies, stars, and directors. Whether you love dramas, comedies, indies, or chick flicks, these magazines bring Hollywood magic alive.

1. Every Oscar season, critics discuss Academy snubs—and this year, several omissions are being hotly contested. Entertainment Weekly explores the debate, calling out the Academy for its lack of diversity. Selma, which recounts Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s historic march to Montgomery, was overlooked for Best Actor (David Oyelowo) and Best Director (Ava DuVernay). Another notable omission was The Lego Movie—a huge blockbuster in a year when the box office suffered.

2. Gone Girl, based on the bestselling novel by Gillian Flynn, was one of the most anticipated movie releases of 2014. And this month’s issue of Vanity Fair features the film’s leading lady, Rosamund Pike, who received a Best Actress nomination for her role as Amy Dunne. The former Bond girl and Pride and Prejudice beauty describes her character’s manipulative traits: “she smiles, but her eyes are always scanning you, assessing, seeing if you can play the game."

3. The Sundance Film Festival introduces fun, quirky, and avant-garde movies to a large audience of movie lovers every year. Variety magazine offers comprehensive festival coverage. Breakout favorites include Dope, a comedy that pokes fun at teenagers obsessed with ’90s hip-hop; Sleeping with Other People, a When Harry Met Sally–style romantic comedy starring Jason Sudeikis and Alison Brie; and Mistress America, which brings together director Noah Baumbach and actress Greta Gerwig for their second indie flick after the 2012 hit, Frances Ha.

4. Rolling Stone is known as a music magazine, but it’s also one of the best publications for staying up-to-date on pop culture phenomenon. This month, the magazine reviews the Nina Simone documentary What Happened, Miss Simone? The film offers a close look at the artist’s life, including her rise to fame, involvement in the Civil Rights Movement, and struggle with depression. If you’re a music lover who enjoys movies like Searching for Sugar Man and Twenty Feet from Stardom, then What Happened is the perfect film to add to your queue.

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5 Magazine Subscriptions for Kids of Every Age

Posted Feb 12, 2015

Magazine Subscriptions for Kids of Every Age

Written by Natalie Laseter

Every year of a child’s life brings changes in his or her interests, development, and knowledge base. The material that a 6-year-old understands and enjoys will be too advanced for a 3-year-old and too boring for a 10-year-old. Luckily, children’s magazines (available through EBSCO Reception Room Subscription Services) offer something entertaining and educational for every age group. From newborns to preteens, we've compiled a list of the best magazines for your pediatrician’s, dentist’s, or optometrist’s office.

1. Want a magazine targeted toward girls that isn’t solely about fashion? Girl’s World offers crafts, recipes, and party ideas for girls ages 7–12. Recent issues include articles on self-confidence, friendship, and entrepreneurship—topics that teach girls important life lessons. The magazine also introduces young TV and movie stars who share relatable stories preteen girls will appreciate.

2. A mix of news, nature, sports, history, and science, Boys’ Life offers informative content that sparks curiosity in young males. Published by the Boy Scouts of America, this publication offers practical “how-to” articles on topics including choosing a campsite, setting up a tent, and buying a first-aid kit. Fictional stories, easy-to-follow project instructions, and video game reviews are a few reasons why Boys’ Life is the premier publication for boys ages 7–14.

3. Animal Tales provides engaging content to kids ages 6–12 who love exploring the wild kingdom. Each issue includes educational articles, pet care tips, and cute animal posters children can collect. With articles such as “Learn How Animals Communicate” and “What You Need to Know About Pets in Summer,” your child will discover plenty of fun facts about their favorite animals.

4. Colorful illustrations and age-appropriate stories fill the pages of Ladybug magazine—a publication for children ages 3–6. Ladybug teaches children about their world, with stories about table manners and welcoming a new sibling home. Sheet music with lyrics and an interactive online site give kids a sing-along experience. Plus, the magazine offers easy-to-memorize poems kids can recite.

5. Introduce your little ones to reading with Babybug magazine—created for children ages 6 months to 3 years. Made with nontoxic ink, rounded corners, and no staples, Babybug is safe for young children to open on their own. You can teach little ones about shapes, sounds, numbers, and more with age-level stories, poems, and nursery rhymes. Perfect for new parents, the magazine offers child development insights on the last page of every issue.

Does your waiting room host children? Subscribe to Girl’s World and Animal Tales—recent additions to our catalog. Or browse the wide variety of children’s magazines available from EBSCO Reception Room Subscription Services.

Most Talked About Magazine Covers of 2014

Posted Jan 22, 2015

Most Talked About Magazine Covers of 2014

Written by Natalie Laseter

Eye-catching, evocative, and forward-thinking—magazines held our attention this year with covers that made a statement. From the controversial Kimye Vogue cover to Time magazine’s inspirational salute to Ebola fighters, EBSCO Reception Room Subscription Services has compiled a list of the most talked about magazine covers of 2014.

1.Vogue’s Kimye Cover

The April 2014 issue of Vogue featured one of Hollywood’s most contentious couples—Kim Kardashian and Kanye West—with plenty of backlash from celebrities offended by the magazine’s departure from haute couture. Despite the criticism, Vogue editor Anna Wintour was right about the Annie Leibovitz-shot photographs of the duo—the issue was a big newsstand seller.

2. Time Magazine’s Person of the Year: Ebola Fighters

Nothing captured the world’s attention this year as much as the Ebola epidemic, which swept through parts of Africa and infected several U.S. aid workers and medical professionals. In honor of the brave people who treated this dangerous disease, Time magazine chose Ebola fighters for its annual Person of the Year award.  The magazine produced five different covers featuring Dr. Kent Brantly, Dr. Jerry Brown, Salome Karwah, Ella Watson-Stryker, and Foday Galla.

3. People Magazine’s Most Beautiful Woman: Lupita Nyong

The Oscar-winning actress took home another significant honor this year: People magazine’s Most Beautiful Woman. Raised in Nigeria, Nyong’o recounts her struggle with European standards of beauty: “the idea that darker skin is not beautiful, that light skin is the key to success and love” pervades the predominant worldview, and “Africa is no exception.” Lovely and philosophical, the actress represents a new standard of beauty that reflects the racial and ethnic diversity in our world.

4. Wired Magazine’s Edward Snowden Cover

Wrapped in an American flag, Edward Snowden donned the cover of Wired magazine’s September issue. After leaking top-secret documents on NSA surveillance activity, the former National Security Agency contractor found political asylum in Russia where people rarely recognize the self-proclaimed whistleblower. The controversial cover photo signifies Snowden’s idea of himself: a patriot who felt his act was in the best interest of his country.

5. Marie Claire’s Denim Issue

Who says print magazines are dead? Not Marie Claire. The fashion magazine offered a unique, tactile experience with the zipper-pull cover on its August Denim Issue. This experimental design revolutionizes the traditional magazine cover, allowing it to transcend the purely visual realm. So while other magazines featured denim in their fall issues, Marie Claire came out the winner.

6. Time Magazine’s Laverne Cox Cover

Netflix broke the mold with its highly popular drama Orange is the New Black, while one of the show’s stars—Laverne Cox—shattered stereotypes, opening up a dialogue about LGBT rights in America. The transgendered actress appeared on Time magazine’s cover a month after fans expressed outrage when she did not make the magazine’s list of the year’s most influential people. In the June issue, Cox relates her story of growing up transgendered in Alabama, and the happiness she feels at finally accepting herself.

7. Men’s Health’s Ultimate Men’s Health Winner: Noah Galloway

Facing life as an amputee hasn’t kept Noah Galloway from achieving Men’s Health magazine’s Ultimate Men’s Health Guy award. The Iraq-war veteran makes history as the first reader to grace the Men’s Health cover, which typically showcases celebrities and athletes. After battling depression and gaining weight as a result, Galloway eventually dedicated himself to getting fit, competing in multiple marathons, Tough Mudder events, and Spartan races to inspire others.

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