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Posted Jun 6, 2011

Auto Roundup Magazine

If you have an eye for nostalgic beauty, especially when it comes to classic cars, then you will love our new additions to the EBSCO catalog.

We were recently authorized to carry three great bi-weekly titles that offer up an excellent menu of refurbished cars and trucks from private owners all over the US.  Pick your poison below.

  • Auto Roundup Magazine
  • Truck Roundup Magazine
  • Auto Truck Roundup Magazine

Wow! There are some beautiful vehicles in these magazines, now if only I had the extra cash.  I know this is probably sacrilegious in the classic car world, but I've always wanted to buy an old Ford from the 40's, rip out the dash, then update it with modern electronics and new custom molded console.

There's something about the contrast between the past and present that would make the car so unique. It would be fun to watch people's reaction when they got in for a ride.


  • Douglas Campbell
    December 05, 2013

    Great book has a little of ever thing.

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